Can Someone Tell Me Why 'Paddington 2' Wasn't Nominated for an Oscar?

Paddington 2 was left off the Golden Globes and Oscar nomination lists, and opinions are to be had.

Update, 1/22: The outrage continues. Paddington 2 was robbed of not only a Golden Globe nomination but also the Oscar nomination it deserved. This article has been updated to reflect said injustice.

Hello from atop my high horse. I'm Amanda Mitchell, and I'm here to talk about the injustice that occurred today.

You see, this morning, they announced the nominees for the Oscars, and...well...Paddington 2 was completely left off the list. I fell out of my bed. I lost my sense of reason. Morally, I felt betrayed. I don't know what we did to deserve this, and I don't completely understand how any of this could have happened. Did the Academy not see Paddington 2? Do they not like happiness and joy? Did a bear eat their mother? What is happening here?

Paddington 2 is the best movie to exist, period. To give you a brief rundown of the plot: Paddington Bear wants to get a present for his aunt's birthday, and winds up getting framed for a crime he didn't commit. Sally Hawkins is there! Hugh Grant gives a career-defining performance that probably should win an Oscar! If you don't like Paddington 2, it's pretty likely I don't like you. But I will look past it, because Paddington always finds the good in people. It is literally the most charming movie I have ever seen. The animation for Paddington is perfect. He's got the most precious little face I can imagine, and I would like a Paddington Bear of my own. I am going to go as Paddington for Halloween this year. (Okay, I just thought of this, and now I really want to do it.)

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Paddington in Paddington 2.

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Now, for those of you who are like, "But Amanda, children's movies never get nominated," or "But Amanda, I really liked Green Book," I say NYET. First off, Green Book looks like the phrase "But I have a black friend!" but made into a two-hour long movie, destined to get lumped into the Three Billboards/Crash category of Movies That Are About Race But Also Super Racist.

And who says children's movies aren't worth paying attention to? We have an Animated Feature Film category; acting in a children's film shouldn't be discounted when it comes to nominations. Both children and adults like Paddington 2, and I know this through a very rigorous study I held called Showing The Movie For Family On Thanksgiving. But really: If you like cute things, including, but not limited to: marmalade, Hugh Grant dressed like a dog, good-natured comedy, whatever, you'll enjoy Paddington 2.

Hugh Grant's agents, I would like a word. I am considering starting a petition to make sure Paddington 2 is represented in every single category at the Oscars. Including Sound Mixing. I will die on this high horse of mine.

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Hugh Grant in Paddington 2.

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The snubbery of Paddington 2 is an injustice. I mean, I dare you, I guess is my only question? Don't even get me started on what you did to Widows.

Next Time, From Amanda's High Horse: #JusticeForCatherineOhara, or Who Do You Think You Are, Disrespecting Schitt's Creek Like This?

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