Movie Cher Alicia Silverstone Just Met Musical Cher Dove Cameron, and It's the Circle of Life

Alicia Silverstone just met her off-Broadway counterpart, Dove Cameron, for the Clueless musical currently playing at the The Pershing Square Signature Center as a New Group production. The musical leads got a very special guest visit that likely got them "bugging out."

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In case I needed more proof that that '90s are back in a big way, the original Cher Horowitz, Alicia Silverstone, just met her off-Broadway counterpart, Dove Cameron, for the Clueless musical currently playing at the The Pershing Square Signature Center as a New Group production. The news that we were getting a musical sent fans of the movie into a tailspin, especially since Amy Heckerling, who wrote the initial screenplay, got involved. As reported in People, the show began its run in November, and the leads got a very special guest visit that likely got them "bugging out" (sorry, so corny).

According to the press release, the musical aimed to "[reimagine] '90s hits into ingenious parodies and yearning monologues for her lovesick characters." The New York Times had at least a few nice things to say about it, especially Cameron's performance. 

In the photos, Silverstone wears a black turtleneck underneath an oversize black and white tweed suit—a bit more buttoned-up then Cher, definitely, but super-professional and appropriate nonetheless. At one point, Cameron was so excited she got a bit overwhelmed, which, honestly, SAME.

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(Image credit: Bruce Glikas)

Cameron talked about the moment on her Instagram, saying she had "no words" to describe the moment.

Silverstone brought her son, Bear Blu Jareck, to pose for photos. Silverstone and Cameron also posed for selfies, which I feel like the original Cher would have totally approved.

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(Image credit: Bruce Glikas)

Clearly Silverstone is "rollin' with the homies!" I'll see myself out now.

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