What Do the Royals Do on Boxing Day?

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For most families that celebrate, the day after Christmas (called Boxing Day in England) is a time to relax. There might be some leisurely sports-watching and definitely some eating of leftovers straight from the Tupperware—a recovery day from the BIG day, if you will. The royals, meanwhile, do things a bit more formally, because of course they do. Still, the vibe is more low-key relative to yesterday's goings-on. Anyone who's at the Sandringham estate today—which likely includes Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Prince William and several more royal family membershas a few notable events in store, according to HELLO. They probably do not include sweatpants and robes on the couch (just guessing here).

Following a breakfast of "kedgeree, bacon and eggs" (kedgeree is sort of a casserole made out of flaked fish and eggs, yum?), there will be a variety of outdoor activities, including walking and riding. The princes often take part in a Boxing Day pheasant shoot—there was a rumor that Meghan "wouldn't let" Prince Harry participate this year, but that seems to have been a load of hogwash. Paraphrasing.

When it comes to what a royal Christmas Day itself might look like, we don't have to wonder. Usually it's a turkey lunch after the Christmas service at St. Mary Magdalene and then a buffet dinner. The kids open their presents from the family on Christmas Eve and their presents from Santa on Christmas Day, and apparently they got up very early, as Kate told one bystander after yesterday's service.

"But it was lovely to see their faces," she made sure to add—good save, Kate.

Last November Prince George asked for a police car and told Santa he'd been nice this year. Some of the energy he displayed for their Christmas card photo was probably on full display yesterday morning, so, if we were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge we'd be celebrating Boxing Day with a warm alcoholic beverage.

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