J.Lo and Boyfriend A. Rod Working Out to J. Lo's Music Is My 2019 Fitness Goal

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What's the most popular New Year's resolution? Exercising, obviously. I'm pretty sure it's been my resolution for the past five years, and then life (and pie) intervene between then and February. But I guess all I need is a boyfriend like Alex Rodriguez, an amazing crop top and skintight leggings, and a killer song, by me, to get myself into the perfect exercising mood. Or at least, that's what I'd do if I were emulating singer-actor-producer-fitness queen Jennifer Lopez. In a new video posted by Rodriguez, the couple works out together set to J. Lo's new single "Limitless" from her movie Limitless, proving that they literally do everything together now. Page Six noted that her leggings even have the name of her twins, Max and Emme, detailed on them, and Rodriguez wore sweatpants with his own logo. Even their workout clothes are cooler than mine.

In the video, it's apparently chest and back day at the gym, and J. Lo is going toe-to-toe with Rodriguez with some serious weights. With a trainer and spotter, they do a variety of high-intensity exercises to get that super-toned lewk. Now I know their secret to fitness success! It's working out every day like a beast.

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What's even better is J. Lo's comment on the post. "Let's goooooooooo" she encourages her handsome boyfriend, and Rodriguez responds, "6am tomorrow. ## • Sprint work • Yoga • Weights." They are literally planning their co-workouts from social media and it's the cutest thing—if a little intense. I'll be at the gym tomorrow to get after it, just like them (no, I won't).

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