Is This What Ariana Granda's New Song "7 Rings" Is About?

Ariana Grande is at it again! This time she's counting down to her latest single, "7 Rings," which will be released on January 18th. She's giving tiny snippets of details little bit by little bit, and her fans are already speculating about what this new track could be about. It may have something to do with her breakup with Pete Davidson. 

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Ariana Grande is at it again! This time, she's counting down to her latest single, "7 Rings," which will be released on January 18. Her fans are already speculating about what this new track could be about, given how Ariana is prone to spilling the tea about her own life. As first spotted by Us Weekly, the singer-songwriter-actress gave a hint as to the meaning behind the new song—and it's not just details about all her exes, like "Thank U, Next," or thoughts about her brief engagement with SNL star Pete Davidson. But it may have something to do with their breakup. 

In a tweet responding to one of her fans asking about the genesis of the song concept, she replied, "‘twas a pretty rough day in nyc." For context, this sounds like after she and Davidson broke up, but before he sent troubling social media messages and deleted his Instagram. So, chances are, Ariana is talking about a time that she was grieving the end of the relationship and processing the drama.

Ariana continues: "my friends took me to tiffany’s. we had too much champagne. i bought us all rings. it was very insane and funny." On the way back to the studio, her friend suggested they make it into a song, and they wrote it that afternoon. So, sad beginnings, but actually kind of a sweet ending? Kind of like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but with matching rings?

Meanwhile, Ariana is now sharing album artwork (and maybe some lyrics, on her Instagram stories) on her profile, getting everybody excited all over again.

Six days and counting!

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