Miley Cyrus' Response to Everybody Asking Whether She's Pregnant Is Perfect

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the second someone ties the knot, the most-asked question shifts from "When are you going to get married?" to "When are you going to have kids?" Miley Cyrus' response to speculation that she's pregnant after just getting married to Liam Hemsworth was the perfect response to such a question.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that the second someone ties the knot, the most-asked question shifts from "When are you going to get married?" to "When are you going to have kids?" As an old married lady myself, I can vouch for this. One way to handle it, no matter how you feel about the subject, is to have a short mantra. Such a phrase would quickly establish your position then politely ask for respect around what you are and aren't willing to talk about. See also: Miley Cyrus' response to speculation that she's pregnant after just getting married to Liam Hemsworth.

In Cyrus' case, it's a little different because instead of just getting questions from friends and family members, she's also getting questions from fans and the public at large. But she was graceful, funny, punny, and real in her statement on the subject. All the things we like about the singer-actress.

Cyrus tapped into the Instagram egg photo phenomenon (the one with all the Instagram likes) to deliver a quick, but to the point message: "I’m not 'Egg-xpecting' but it’s 'Egg-celent' to hear everyone is so 'Happy For Us' .... we’re happy for us too!" she said. "Now, can everyone leave me alone and go back to staring at an egg," she added.

It's simple, but frank: An explanation, a thank you to everyone who loves her, and a firm stance that she's not going to discuss it anymore. And a funny image as a bonus!

Cyrus has continued to be low-key and chill about this important time. After a very casual and gorgeous wedding that she followed up with a casual and gorgeous maybe, maybe not honeymoon, it was revealed that she wasn't even phased by the leaked photos of the wedding ceremony. So, she's taking a cool, breezy, relaxed attitude to this new part of her life. And I am HERE for it.

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