The Most Intriguing Song From Ariana Grande's Just-Released Album Tracklist

Ariana Grande is finally done teasing us with song titles, lyrics, and singles she's been dropping one at a time.

Ariana Grande is finally done teasing us with song titles, lyrics, and singles that she's been dropping one at a time. Grande's full album, Thank U, Next, will be available on February 8, and available for preorder starting Friday, January 25—yes, this week. To celebrate, Ariana gifted us with the full tracklist of the album, leading to tons of speculation about what it all MEANS. And one track in particular looks like it's going to be particularly hilarious and noteworthy.

E! News dove into the nitty-gritty of some of the other songs, like "NASA." Which could be a reference to space, or to Pete Davidson's NASA shirt at the 2018 VMAs (he attended with Ariana before they broke up, oops). "Bloodline" could be about family. "In My Head" could be about mental health, which Ariana hasn't been shy about discussing.

Looking at the full list, it looks like the songs are grouped into three clusters of four, and I have no idea what that means—other than noticing that she hasn't given us any songs from the middle grouping. But the most hilarious, and the longest song title is way at the bottom: "Break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored." Um. Tell me more, Ariana. And please let the lyrics be as funny as the title.

Interestingly, a potential list of the song titles had leaked way back in November, and the only major difference is that one song. Could it have been a last-minute song change, as is rumored?

Ariana gave us a few bars for "Needy" late last year, so we've already got insight on four of her songs, but the rest are still a very welcome mystery. Get ready for everything to be revealed in February.

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