'The Bachelor' Contestant Tracy Shapoff Is Already Swept Up In Drama

Colton Underwood's 23rd The Bachelor season has been a whirlwind so far, and only promises to get crazier. Already, there's been a ton of drama on the show, and Tracy Shapoff has been right in the middle of it. Here's some more info on who she is—and it sounds like this isn't the first time the contestant has embraced drama.

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The 23rd season of The Bachelor starring Colton Underwood has been a whirlwind so far, and only promises to get crazier. (We haven't even gotten to the fence-hopping scene yet!) Already, there's been a ton of drama (here's looking at you, Demi), and one of Colton's contestants, Tracy Shapoff, has been right in the middle of it.

Want to know more about Shapoff, who I have a feeling will make it to Paradise no matter how far she makes it in Colton's season? Look no further.

She's a wardrobe stylist.

Per her official bio, Shapoff is from New York but moved to West Hollywood for a career as a stylist. As you might imagine, she's super into fashion. In her intro video, she revealed that she has over 200 pairs of shoes.

She's worked with famous clients.

Shapoff most notably styled Elizabeth Banks, Constance Wu, and Octavia Spencer for various red carpet events. She also worked on the styling teams for season 13 of America's Got Talent and MTV's Undressed

She's family-focused.

Per Shapoff's official ABC bio, she loves traveling with her sister. Shapoff also notes in her bio that her best life would involve staying close with her family and building her own with a special someone (presumably, she's hoping it's Underwood).

Most recently, Shapoff took a trip with the fam to the "homeland," a.k.a. Italy. For NYE, she proudly repurposed her mom's old wedding dress.

She made sure she stood out for Colton.

In that first night at the Bachelor Mansion, a girl's gotta find a way to stand out. Shapoff didn't go quite as intense as The Sloth (who stayed in that suit for a long time and even climbed a tree), but she arrived by cop car and later had a fun activity for Underwood (they hand-designed a pair of shoes together). Of course, that activity was cut off by notorious Night One time-stealer Catherine, but still—a cute intro!

She is one of the show's 'cougars.'

Okay, major eyeroll here with this once, given that Shapoff is in her early thirties, but fellow Bachelor contestant Demi Burnett has been pityingly calling Shapoff "old" and a "cougar."


Demi is—surprise!—the villain of this season.

Her old tweets stirred up controversy.

Some of Shapoff's old tweets were unearthed in which she makes various disparaging, sometimes racist comments. In one case, she uses a derogatory word to describe people with learning disabilities. Us Weekly shared screenshots of the tweets, which have since been deleted.

Shapoff later apologized for her words and said she rejected "all of those sentiments." Underwood also responded, saying it wasn't his place to judge.

Keep an eye out—more drama lies ahead for Shapoff on the show, judging by previews.

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