Sophie Turner Debuts a New 'Dark Phoenix' Tribute Tattoo

She went back to an artist who inked her and Joe Jonas last summer.

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A tattoo is forever, just like the memory of a great experience. Sophie Turner is a known fan of commemorating the latter with the former and she's done it again, this time with a flame tattoo in honor of her upcoming performance in Dark Phoenix, which hit theaters this summer.

The Game of Thrones actress' new ink comes courtesy of Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Daniel Winter (aka Winter Stone), who was also behind tattoos that Turner and her fiancé, Joe Jonas, got in August last year. (No, not the matching, Toy Story-inspired "To infinity and beyond" tats they debuted last October.)

“I think nowadays it’s become not as taboo to have your significant other’s, or your husband or wife’s, name tattooed on you. Back in the day, it was kind of looked upon as a curse, but I’m not really sure if that holds as much weight as it did before,” Winter, whose other celebrity clients include Mandy Moore, Emma Roberts, Ashlee Simpson, and Miley Cyrus, to name a few, told Vanity Fair. "I feel like the whole tattoo world is changing. A lot."

Turner is clearly pleased with her latest piece of art from Winter. The actress took to Instagram to show it off.

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"🔥 Phoenix-ing out 🔥," Turner captioned the picture of the gorgeously minimalist tribute tat, along with a tag crediting Winter. The tattoo itself is a line drawing of a flame that appears to be coming out of the knuckle on Turner's right index finger.

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