Now 'Killing Eve' Fans Have Two Ways to Watch Season Two

Love Killing Eve? The show was incredibly popular, and fans are anxiously awaiting season 2, which officially arrives on April 7. For everyone who doesn't get BBC America and only has basic cable, I have good news. The second season will be simulcast on AMC, per The A.V. Club, so you can watch it there too.

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Love Killing Eve? You're not alone. The show was incredibly popular, and fans are anxiously awaiting season 2. The premiere is scheduled for April 7 (fun fact: That's one week before Game of Thrones. April is going to be a GOOD MONTH for TV). For everyone who doesn't get BBC America and only has basic cable, I have good news. The second season will be simulcast on AMC, per The A.V. Club, so you can watch it there too.

The show, which stars Sandra Oh (Eve) and Jodie Comer (Villanelle), follows a glamorous assassin and the MI5 agent after her/maybe in love with her. The seemingly straightforward title actually is designed to be deliberately murky, according to Luke Jennings, author of Codename Villanelle on which the series is based. What might seem like a reference to Eve's ultimate fate, it might in fact just be a nod to Eve's evolution. She does, after all (SPOILER), stab Villanelle and then immeeeeediately regret it, so she's dealing with some stuff.

Season 2 is also going to feature a lot more Villanelle: What she does and why, motivations behind her actions, and hopefully more sly humor and sexuality.

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BBC America isn't always available in cable packages, but the first season became available for binging on Amazon Prime and Hulu—likely due to the show's popularity. That's probably what's also prompting the show being aired on AMC.

And if you can't bear to wait that long, there still might be some clues we can pick up from the book series, even if the two are exploring very different plotlines at this point.

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