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Who Is Felicity Blunt? The Literary Agent Is Related to Both Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci

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It can be a mild shock to find out that celebrities have siblings that aren't famous, because we're so used to family dynasties in Hollywood—like the Bridges, the Kardashian/Jenners, and the Knowles sisters. Remember when the world discovered there was a third Hemsworth brother and said world basically melted down? So imagine the surprise when the world discovered that there's a second Blunt, Felicity Blunt, sister of Emily. That's not her only Hollywood connection: Felicity is married to Stanley Tucci, and they have two children. Worlds collide!

Felicity is more private than her husband and sister (you know, since they're celebrities and public figures and all), but she's been very supportive of both. Here's everything we're able to dig up on the literary agent and mother of two.

She's a true supporter of her sister.

While remaining super-private on her own end, Felicity has often joined her sister on the red carpet, and even gets to hang with stars like Blake Lively, too.

'Final Portrait' New York Screening
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She also regularly joins husband Tucci on the red carpet, where she gets to meet even more stars, like Dev Patel here. Jealous.

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Emily had a hand in Felicity meeting her husband.

Felicity married Stanley Tucci in 2012, and the two of them have two children—son Matteo Oliver, and daughter Emilia Giovanna.Felicity is also stepmom to Tucci's three children from his marriage to late wife Kate, who died in 2009 after a battle with breast cancer: Camilla and twins Nicolo and Isabel.

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The pair met at the wedding of Felicity's sister and Tucci's The Devil Wears Prada co-star Emily Blunt to John Krasinski at the Lake Como home of George Clooney in 2010 (as you do), and hit it off from there. Felicity and Stanley's wedding sounds like an incredibly star-studded affair. Attendees included Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, and Steve Buscemi, who was Stanley's best man.

She's in publishing.

Blunt is a literary agent at UK publishing house Curtis Brown, where she landed after training to be a barrister. Her books at Curtis Brown focus on thrillers, suspense crime, historical and literary fiction as well as cookbooks.

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One of her books is Laura Marshall's Friend Request, an international bestseller that sounds thrilling in the best way possible.

She uses her Twitter account to boost the things she loves.

Just like the rest of us, Blunt uses social media to rave about her accomplishments, talk about projects she's excited for, and boost the work of her loved ones. Just a few examples:

Blunt also uses her social media for its truest intentions—sharing animal videos.

She also takes the time to roast the people who are interested in finding out more information about her:

Sorry, Felicity!

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