Hannah Godwin From 'The Bachelor' Has a History With This 'Bachelorette' Alum

Bachelor Nation is a small world, indeed!

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Go figure—just a few days after we learned that The Bachelor favorite Cassie Randolph actually starred on another reality show before she came to woo Colton Underwood's heart, it turns out there's another contestant on the series with an intriguing backstory. Hannah Godwin, a.k.a. Hannah G., who got Underwood's very first impression rose and is looking like she'll go far in the series, used to date a Bachelorette alum: Chris "Cupcake" Strandburg, per Us Weekly.

Strandburg, in case you don't remember him, was on the season with bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and broke down in tears when Bristowe told him her heart was "elsewhere." (He also dressed up in a giant cupcake—remember him now?)

As reported by Us Weekly, the two "briefly dated" in spring 2018, which would have been a few months before Godwin got the call that she'd be on season 23 of the show. Apparently, though, an eagle-eyed fan spotted Strandburg on Godwin's Instagram in April 2018. No word on when they got together or how long they dated. Strandburg commented on this post below: "one too many drives thru Panera" so we can speculate they'd known each other/been dating for AT LEAST a few weeks by that point.

The couple, who are nine years apart in age, reportedly had an amicable split and have “remained friends,” the insider told Us. "Chris is happy Hannah is doing well on the show,” the source said. “She is a nice person and he wishes her well.”

Meanwhile, Hannah has been killing it at nabbing time with Underwood, staying out of the drama (of which there's a LOT this season) and just quietly building a good rapport with the former football player.

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Maybe she took some tips from Strandburg?

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