Jenna Dewan and Boyfriend Steve Kazee Just Had the Hottest Date Ever

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    Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee have been dating since 2018, and it's been lovely to see Jenna find happiness in the wake of her split with Channing Tatum. But despite some social media love back and forth, the two hadn't been seen in public for a little while. Guys, I won't lie to you—I was worried. But the couple has officially put those worries to rest, because they just had the hottest date in the history of humankind. And there are photos.

    Both Jenna and Steve took to their Instagram Stories to detail their night of fun watching rock and roll burlesque show Little Miss Nasty, which is part dancing, part full-on sexiness. The dancers don't just perform on stage but come out into the audience, hanging from the ceiling, dancing on tables, you name it. It's amazing, apparently. Though the two didn't snap photos together (ones that they shared, anyways), you can see Steve in the back of Jenna's Stories while she headbangs along to the performance. Clearly, they are making their time together count.

    Even when they can't spend time together, Steve has proven to be a sweet social media boyfriend, commenting in public about how much he loves her, most recently on a Valentine's Day post in which he said, "I don’t know what I did to deserve your love but I will always be so thankful that our lives found their way to each other." Awwww, and also, Instagram posts: How we gauge whether a relationship is real!

    Here are some of the shots from the burlesque outing (I mean, I want to go to that show now):

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    Earlier in the day, Jenna shared a video she'd done to promote the latest Step Up movie (great to see her channeling her dancing, which is how she became popular in the first place). Steve was there RIGHT AWAY to comment about how he was in fact dead from all the sexiness after watching the video, and Jenna thanked him with kisses.

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    Guys I am ALL IN on this relationship, if you couldn't tell.

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