Channing Tatum Called His Girlfriend, Jessie J, the "Hottest" on Instagram

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  • On Friday, Jessie J posted a picture on Instagram of her lying on a beach towel, wearing a black bikini and mesh coverup, and surrounded by plates of food.
      • The couple have been dating since last fall and haven't been shy about sharing their affection for each other on social media.

        In case you haven't heard, Channing Tatum is dating Jessie J and he happens to think the singer is hot AF. Of course, if you follow Channing and Jessie on Instagram, then, you know, you've probably already heard.

        Here's how the couple's most recent social media love fest went down: On Friday, Jessie posted a pic on Instagram of her, lying on a beach towel, surrounded by plates of food, because she's the embodiment of #goals. Oh, and she's wearing a black bikini and a mesh coverup in the picture. That's also relevant.

        "Fresh face trying to be the life of the Pattie 🇯🇲 I WANT TO LIVE HERE FOREVER 🇯🇲 #hairbyalishaandeduardo," the singer wrote in the caption for the picture. "I joke I joke I created this frizzy mess by myself with the sea air as my assistant ❤️."

        Then, Channing slid into her comments with a declaration of her hotness, as if it weren't already obvious to everyone with eyes. "Hottest Instagram food model in the game right now," the actor wrote.

        Thankfully, Comments by Celebs captured the flirty comment for posterity. They're doing the lord's work, truly.

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