Steve Kazee and Jenna Dewan's Dogs Are Legit in Love, Just Like Them

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    • Now, her dog Cosmo has a new friend, Jenna's boyfriend's dog Stella, and the two are legitimately IN LOVE.

        Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee are MAJOR #couplesgoals, from sweetly adoring Instagram posts to supporting each other's work to hot, hot dates. But now their coupling has reached a new level: They're blending their dog families together, and Steve's dog Stella and Jenna's dog Cosmo are in loooooove. Thanks to Steve's Instagram Stories, we got an inside look at the celebrity dog pairing of the year.

        Captioning the video series "Cosmo and Stella: A Love Story," the videos (paired with lovey dovey music) show the two snuggling, playfully nuzzling up against each other, and then just full-on snogging. "Still going," Steve captions the last video. Sooo are the dogs taking after their owners? Sorry, terrible joke. But, seriously, dogs totally take after their owners! I'm not making that up!

        Jenna Dewan's dog with ex Channing Tatum passed away late last year, and Jenna was (understandably) heartbroken. "thank you for being the best dog in the entire world and for fighting cancer for as long as you did," she said on Instagram. It's really sweet to see that Cosmo has a new friend to play with (and Stella actually looks a little bit like Lulu, too).

        The couple has also been PARTICULARLY snuggly of late, first with Steve's reactions to Jenna's ultra-sexy "Taki Taki" dance video and then at a red-hot burlesque show. So the pups really ARE just like their humans!

        Here's stills of the doggy couple (granted, that first photo looks like they're biting each other but I promise they're not):

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        I mean, I am always in for a cute doggy relationship, so more photos and video, please.

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