Meghan Markle Emphatically Confirmed She Avoids Twitter at All Costs

"It's much safer that way..."

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    Since Meghan Markle stepped into her new role as royalty last year, she’s been subjected to endless media scrutiny and brutal online commentary. In fact, the trolling and abuse directed towards the Duchess of Sussex has become so intense that the palace itself was recently forced to step in with new official guidelines.

    But, in order to protect herself and her mental health from the onslaught, Meghan has taken the personal decision to remove herself entirely from social media. Having deleted all of her profiles when things first got serious with Prince Harry, the Duchess has also since realized that it’s probably best to just avoid the online world at all costs—especially Twitter.

    Speaking frankly on a discussion panel alongside a selection of other inspirational women, Meghan revealed that she's never tempted to take a glance at Twitter anymore, and has even gone as far as to stop reading the newspapers, too.

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    "I don't read anything, it's much safer that way,” Meghan explained simply. “But equally that's just my own personal preference, because I think positive or negative, it can all start to just feel like noise to a certain extent these days.”

    The Duchess of Sussex went on to explain that "as opposed to getting muddled with that", avoiding Twitter and the rest of social media allows her to instead "focus on the real cause”—real feminism.

    When pressed further about whether she ever takes a sneaky glance at the Twittersphere, Meghan literally laughed at the idea, and replied emphatically: ”No! Sorry, no."

    The Duchess Of Sussex Joins A International Women's Day Panel Discussion
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    Equally as important on the subject, Meghan also went on to remind the rest of us social media users that we're all in the drivers seat of the online space that we create around ourselves, and that each of us should take control of what we willingly choose to absorb.

    "It's our responsibility," the Duchess pointed out. "We make a choice in what we click on, we make a choice in what we read, we make a choice in what we engage in. That is our personal decision, to not feed into negativity."

    I am considering getting this entire speech made into a poster-sized motivational quote. Any takers?

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