Meghan Markle Might Start Doing Baby Yoga When She Welcomes Her First Child

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  • As we wait for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to welcome their first child, people around the world are speculating about what parenting style the couple will adopt.
    • According to a new Reuters article, Meghan may take up baby yoga when she welcomes her child this spring.
      • Baby yoga is, like it sounds, a way of practicing yoga with your baby.

        Every day, we get a little closer to the highly-anticipated arrival of Baby Sussex. To pass the time, people across the world are engaging in a game of speculation, trying to guess everything from the baby's sex to name and trying to predict Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's parenting choices before they make them.

        One of the top guesses when it comes to answering the big, "What kind of mom will Meghan Markle be" question is that she'll be a very Californian mom. This is fair, I guess, since Meghan is from California and where and how people grow up does tend to influence their parenting style.

        In a new article all about how being from California will impact Meghan the Mom, Reuters suggests that the Duchess might engage in everything from hypnobirthing to baby yoga—the latter of which is just yoga with your baby. Since Meghan has done yoga for years, it's safe to guess she'll keep up the practice after becoming a mother and it's foreseeable that she would want her child to be involved too, making this one of the strongest of the wild guesses about Meghan's future.

        “It would be great for [Meghan] to get back in connection to her body. Also, I’m sure she has a lot of stress on her shoulders compared to the average person, so finding that center and time with her baby, it would be great,” Crystal D’Angora, a teacher at Zooga Yoga in the Los Angeles area, told Reuters of the benefits of baby yoga.

        So yeah, maybe Meghan and Baby Sussex will do baby yoga. In other news, you're now a couple of minutes closer to the actual birth of Baby Sussex than you were at the beginning of this article, so at least there's that?

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