You Can Buy Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Wedding Trumpet on eBay

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    • For the low, low starting price of £5,000, you too can own a piece of history.

        In a report that I would probably classify as "hilarious royal news I certainly didn't need, but absolutely is making me laugh more than I thought it would" (not the first time—see also that apparently Frogmore Cottage is super-haunted?), Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding trumpet is now for sale on eBay. Yes, you read that right. No, I am not making this up. According to HELLO!, "The musician who performed while Meghan made her entrance at St George's Chapel is selling his trumpet on eBay at the starting price of £5,000." That's nearly $6,5oo as a starting price, which means it will most definitely go higher.

        HELLO! went on, and I'm just going to quote them directly because it's a tiny bit hilarious:

        Acclaimed musician David Blackadder is selling the instrument alongside an order of service from the royal wedding, and says it provides "a once in a lifetime chance to own a true piece of royal history." The trumpet was played by David at the beginning of the wedding ceremony, with the musician performing Handel's Eternal Source of Light Divine. David said he had decided to sell the trumpet as he had bought a new one. He also said that although he had considered keeping it, he wanted somebody else to enjoy playing it, or perhaps even put it on display in a museum. The instrument for sale...was bought by David especially for the royal wedding. At the time of writing there have been two bids on the trumpet, with six days left until the auction ends on 30 April.

        Here is David with (I think) the aforementioned special trumpet:

        Musical instrument,
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        As of this very moment, only two bids have been placed and there are six days left, which means it's not yet a competitive item and someone should totally scoop it up, right?? My husband would be furrrrrrious if I strutted around blowing cacaphonous noises into his ear reliving the wedding of the century in my living room (I do not play the trumpet but absolutely would not let that stop me from trying). God, I love this news so much.

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