The Spooky History of Frogmore Cottage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s New Home

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  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are moving into Frogmore Cottage soon, and it turns out they'll have some very spooky neighbors, per HELLO!.
    • The site is actually home to several royal graves, including Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Princess Margaret, and Wallis Simpson. Nearby Windsor Castle has had multiple ghostly sightings, too.

        As soon as the renovations are complete on Frogmore Cottage (I mean, it HAS to be soon, right?), Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are moving out of Kensington Palace and settling into their new home before baby. But as HELLO! notes, part of their adjustment process may actually be to introduce themselves to the ghosts and spirits who have made Frogmore their home, in some cases for hundreds of years, and may still inhabit the historical grounds.

        Across from the cottage is a private royal burial ground for royals and their family. There's a Royal Mausoleum, which holds the bodies of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Victoria's mother, former King Edward VIII, and his wife Wallis Simpson are buried nearby. There's ALSO a small chapel, St. George's, which holds no fewer than 10 kings dating back to 1492, and other royals like Princess Margaret.

        Just in case you weren't freaked out enough, at the nearby Windsor Castle, there have been spooky sightings of King Henry VIII (if ever there was a man destined for modern reality television, it's him), one of the wives he beheaded, Anne Boleyn (hopefully she's giving him crap for that), and their daughter Elizabeth I (very awkward ghostly family gatherings, right there).

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        If the pair are tapped into their spiritual side, and I totally believe Meghan is, all they'll have to do is simply commune with the spirits, perhaps have a seance, and tell them they mean no harm. Easy! Also—I can totally imagine Harry rolling his eyes as Meghan waves incense around.

        Sooooo even though Frogmore Cottage is isolated and away from prying eyes, it might actually be a lot more lively than initially thought.

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