Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Will Have Their Baby "Any Second" Now, Predicts Elton John

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    • Unclear whether he has any special intel, but either way a hilarious note from the singing legend. He also gave more details about performing at the royal wedding.

        Elton John, friend to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is absolutely certain about one thing. Originally speaking to The Sun, he predicts Meghan is going to give birth "any second now." I am...not sure if he has any inside intel? But I love that he's offering up predictions anyways.

        Elton also dished some sweet, personal details from his wedding reception performance for Harry and Meghan. "It was fun. They were a great audience so I did them another song. I was only going to do three and I did four. I added in Can You Feel The Love Tonight as an extra." He also said it was a "very casual" event, which are words I thought I'd never hear spoken for the internationally televised, most-talked-about wedding of the decade. But I suppose it speaks to Meghan and Harry's chill nature that it felt so easygoing—so, I love this detail.

        Also, can you imagine: Elton John, icon, is on stage, performing his greatest hits, and then he surprises everyone with the most romantic song of all time? I would jump on a table with joy (and then, knowing me, immediately fall off it).

        Elton also talked about Harry. "He’s a very sweet, young, kind man. He wants to do good for the world and use his position to do good," he said. "He’s wonderful. He’s got his mother’s ability to connect with people and a very kind heart."

        Elton has previously been effusive about his close relationship with Harry, even providing a few details about his conversations with the young royal about his bride-to-be. "I spent some time with him in Sicily last summer and I could tell that he was totally in love, and he didn’t really discuss much personally but he said, 'I'm in love' and I thought, 'Good for you'. Both those boys seem to have been ecstatically happy, and that’s all you want people to be."

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        Considering that most of Meghan and Harry's friends are very quiet about their relationships, I love that Elton is very sweetly pro-Harry and Meghan without giving too many details away.

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