This Week in Timothée Chalamet, May 17 Edition

Let's get conspiratorial for a second.

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Hello, redstarts, and welcome to another edition of This Week in Timothée Chalamet. I have been covering stories about abortion and climate change all week so returning to talk nonsense about cute boys is like going to the spa.

This week, a few things happened but also the Marie Claire team had an idea (and you're probably going to want to read all the way to the end because it involves you being involved).

But first, the néws:

I...don’t know how to feel about this.

As you may recall, Timmy filmed A Rainy Day in New York opposite Selena Gomez in 2017, and some cute pics of them kissing were released. Sounds great, right? Rain, New York, Timmy, Selena...what’s not to like?

Well you see, the movie was directed by one Woody Allen, who in addition to being very inconsistent as a director is also alleged to have done some despicable things. Once the #MeToo movement had utterly rocked Hollywood later that year, a bunch of people remembered, “Oh yeah, Woody is super problematic.” Timmy even donated his salary from the movie to Time’s Up, RAINN, and the LGBTQ center, just to put a fine point on it.

Therefore, no one was surprised when Amazon, who was distributing the film, announced that it was shelving it with no plans for a formal release. But now France—which, perhaps not totally unrelatedly, is the country that director Roman Polanski permanently fled to after he was accused of sexually assaulting a minor—has announced plans to screen A Rainy Day in New York in theaters starting September 18.


Huh. Hmm.

Could Timmy be playing Bob Dylan?!

Our boy has a lot on his plate: DuneLittle WomenThe French Dispatch, promotion for The King if it indeed exists and wasn’t just an elaborate ploy to explain a bad haircut, and probably other things that I’m too lazy to look up (please be impressed that I did all that from memory).

But some eagle-eyed readers (among them our friends @tchalamet_canada) have deduced that a recent Instagram story that Timmy posted, in which Bob Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man” can be heard playing in the background may have been a clue to his next role.

And after reviewing the evidence, I am pretty sure they’re right. Come with me down this rabbit hole:

So far, an IMDB for the page lists Guadagnino as the director, but the film’s only casting information is that Chloë Grace Moretz (who I am mad at for having an umlaut in her name) is in it in some capacity.

Unless Gaudagnino is going for a very poorly thought-out riff on the I’m Not There model (fun fact: the plural is Bobs Dylan), I think it’s safe to assume she’s not playing the man himself.

Which leaves...Timmy. Or, I guess, one of the million other brunette men currently working in Hollywood, but let’s for a moment assume it is Timmy.

What do you think? Is this a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top?

I want your help!

While things have been kind of quiet, I was hoping you, dear readers, might help me with something. I want to make sure this column stays fresh and fun, and I thought a jazzy thing a few times a month would be if you all sent in a Timothée Chalamet item that we’d publish. We could put your name or social media handle or whatever on it, and it could be totally dictated by you!

Here are some examples of things you could send in:

It’s pretty open-ended, so be creative and feel free to get weird. I think this is a great way for us to get to know each other while also helping your girl out because sometimes there’s no news and I’m like, “Oh shit, what do I write about this week?”

Here’s the deal:

Starting Monday, May 20, email your item (not just a tip or idea, but the full write-up of what your idea is) to me at Twice a month, I’ll pick one to feature in this column. Make sure you mention in the email how you want to be identified—name or pseudonym, preferred pronouns, social media account if you want it included—and I’ll let you know ahead of time if you’ve been selected!

Please note: I will not be responding to any of pitches sent to my personal email or social media accounts. It’s just easier to keep them separate, IMO.

I genuinely cannot wait to see what you send in!

That’s all the news. Have a beautiful wéekend.

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