Meghan Markle Had a Twitter Flirtation With Max George from The Wanted Before She Met Prince Harry

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  • Before she met the love of her life, Meghan Markle had a short-lived Twitter flirtation with British pop star Max George from The Wanted.
    • The report comes via The Sun, which quotes a source who explains that Meghan and Max talked a bit online, but nothing came of the flirty DMs.
      • Shortly after, Meghan met her husband, Prince Harry, and the rest is history.

        Before Meghan Markle found her forever person, Prince Harry, she engaged in some Twitter flirting with another Brit, apparently.

        According to a new report from The Sun, Meghan was chatting with The Wanted star Max George on Twitter before she met Harry.

        “Meghan was reaching out to a number of celebrities in the UK as she spent more time there," a source told The Sun about the connection. "Max was one of the biggest stars in pop music at the time and they connected on Twitter."

        The source went on to explain that, even though Meghan and Max talked for a bit, they never ended up connecting IRL and Meghan met Harry not long after anyway.

        "They swapped a few messages and had a lovely conversation but in the end nothing came out of it—she met her husband soon after," the source continued. "Max had women reaching out to him all the time and didn’t remember much about it until Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry. It was a nice friendship and he wishes her well, but he hasn’t heard from her since Harry."

        According to The Sun, Meghan was looking for a guy to date in England as she was visiting the country more at the time. But, unsurprisingly, Meghan's official reps at the Palace declined to comment on a few random DMs she sent back in 2015.

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