Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Tried to Make Things Work for Their Daughter, Lea De Seine

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    • The couple were reportedly "miserable" together and their relationship was "hanging by a thread" for months before the split.
      • Now, a source close to the couple has told Page Six that Bradley and Irina only tried to make things work as long as they did for their daughter, two-year-old Lea De Seine.

        News of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's split rocked the celebrity-relationship-following world this week.

        First, there were the reports that the couple's relationship was "hanging by a thread," and then the devastating pictures of Irina leaving their shared home with packed bags in tow. Now, sources are saying that they basically only tried to make things work as long as they did for their daughter, two-year-old Lea De Seine.

        A source close to the couple, who met in 2015, told Page Six that "after the lust wore off, they had very little in common."

        Sit down and grab a mug, because the tea just keeps coming.

        "They never shopped for their own house in California," the source revealed. "It was just his house. There were no moves in that direction. Then there’s the fact that they never got married after they had a kid. She was certain that would happen. It felt like they weren’t truly making a life together outside of the child."

        According to Page Six, Bradley is likely going to let Irina keep the LA home they shared and is committed to raising their daughter together on good terms.

        "He wants to part on good terms, or as good as it can be in this situation," the source revealed.

        Just...ouch, to all of this.

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