Ouch—Irina Shayk Was Spotted Carrying a Suitcase Hours Before the Bradley Cooper Split News Broke

The model visited a spa shortly afterwards.

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Ugh, well, we actually have confirmation of the speculation that's been swirling around Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper: The couple has called it quits. Now, the Daily Mail is reporting that Irina "allegedly moved out of Bradley's $4.5 million Pacific Palisades mansion this week." And, sure enough, a few hours before news broke about the split, Irina was spotted quietly carrying a heavy suitcase and some other bags out of their L.A. home.

Even before the breakup news, The Sun reported that "They haven't been good for a few months and Irina decided it would be best if she moved into her own place. It's not looking like there's much long left for the two of them together."

Also earlier in the day, Irina had been spotted without a ring on her ring finger, which was thought to be telling—even though Irina doesn't always wear jewelry on that finger in public, she often did in private while out and about with Bradley and their daughter. It had also been at least a year since she'd worn her maybe-engagement ring, which she debuted in late 2016. So, not seeing it was a bit unusual...and totally a sign of things to come, apparently.

Later, it looked like Irina headed to a spa, perhaps to relax from all of the drama:

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So it looks like she's handling the big changes well enough—but neither she nor Bradley has commented officially, of course.

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