Prince William's Father's Day Instagram Post Doesn't Include Pictures of George and Charlotte and Fans Are Confused

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  • Today is Father's Day, and Kensington Palace celebrated the occasion with a new Instagram post honoring Prince William.
    • The post contains two pictures: One of Will and his youngest son, Prince Louis, and another of the Duke of Cambridge with his own father, Prince Charles.
      • Some royal fans are confused by the photo choice, however, and took to the comments of the photo to politely request that the Palace add more photos so that Will's older children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are also represented for the holiday.

        Today is Father's Day and all of our favorite royal dads are celebrating. Kensington Palace got in on the spirit, posting a tribute to uber dad Prince William on Instagram. The post is sweet, but left some fans feeling, well, a little confused and unsatisfied.

        Why? Well, the two-picture series features Will in both of his important Father's Day roles, as a dad himself and as a son to his own dad, Prince Charles. Unfortunately, the former is represented with a photo of Will and just one of his three bundles of joy, Prince Louis. The picture in question is adorable and one we've seen before—of Will and Louis playing on a rope swing in Kate Middleton's "Back to Nature" garden.

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        This left some fans feeling the emptiness of two Prince George and Princess Charlotte- shaped voids—and politely requesting that the Palace post another Instagram with pictures that highlight Will's relationship with his two older children. Some users also requested pictures of Kate and her dad, Michael Middleton, as well.

        "Sorry, I don’t agree with the photo’s choice. Where are Charlotte and George? Where is Kate’s father?" one fan wrote in the comments.

        While many other Cambridge family fans were quick to point out that, as a private citizen, Michael Middleton shouldn't be expected to make an appearance on the official Kensington Palace Instagram, the general consensus was that George and Charlotte's omission was a head-scratcher.

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        Others, of course, loved the photo choice, pointing out that it captures something special about Will as a father.

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