Here's 49-Year-Old Celine Dion Totally Naked and Looking Like Straight Up Royalty


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Celine Dion, Canada's finest export—and that's saying a lot! They gave us Drake, Justin Trudeau, and maple leaf cookies!—has stripped naked for Vogue and she looks gorgeous. She's a radiant song bird who can wear anything—including nothing—and still look both sexier and classier than pretty much any other person on the planet.

"Here's a little naked fact to ponder while Celine Dion changes looks between shows: for the past five years she has worn haute couture near exclusively for her own performances," the Instagram caption reads. "She performs a minimum two hours a night, five or six nights a week, dancing and curtseying and generally gesticulating sans abandon, in handmade, hand-beaded delicacies designed solely to walk a catwalk or a carpet (and often with handlers)."

"Says Celine, 'We have to make haute couture industrial.' And, more enigmatically: 'The clothes follow me; I do not follow the clothes.' Which is to say: the haute couture, with all its fragility and handcraft, has to perform professionally for Ms. Dion," the caption reads.

She is regal, she is power, she is beauty, SHE IS CELINE! (Also, she is currently on tour in Europe—who's taking me?!)

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