Relive Meghan Markle's Most Iconic Moments From 'Suits,' Thanks to the Show's New Trailer

Suits - Season 5
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    • It's very unlikely she'll return to the show, but there have been rumors about all possibilities.

        Ugh, I love this blast from the past so much. Even though we've likely seen the very last scene that Meghan Markle will ever shoot of a TV series, it doesn't mean we can't still see her greatest hits. Suits, which just released a trailer for its final season, is giving me maaaajor flashbacks at her biggest moments during her time on the show.

        It's all there. The slap! The wedding! The epic amounts of sass and longing looks! (The trailer teases but doesn't cut to any of her super-sexy-romantic scenes from the show, which I think makes sense). Meghan, I treasure your performance. Obviously, now, we look at these scenes with a very different lens, but for me, it also speaks to her early talent and intensity—her life went down a different path, obviously, but to me she was destined for acting greatness. You can still enjoy footage from her last episode ever, if you're so inclined.

        There was initial debate about whether Meghan might be able to act again—it was her profession, after all—in the context of donating the potential sums she might make to charity, since she is now, in fact, a princess. Suits creator Aaron Korsh told Deadline it wasn't likely, but didn't close the door entirely. That totally means there's still a chance, right?? Are they trying to give us a hint, via the trailer? (Probably not, but a girl can dream.)

        Here's the trailer:

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        Ok but in the world of my mind, Meghan Markle would just stride in dramatically in like the verrrrry last shot of the series, say something witty, dramatic, and devastating, and then walk out again. Come on! How amazing would that be??

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