Kate Middleton Wears Brooches, Embracing Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Traditional Accessory

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  • Perhaps in preparation for her future role as queen, Kate Middleton has been taking some style cues from none other that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
    • At an event earlier this month, Kate sported a brooch and, according to diamond expert and gemologist Grant Mobley, Kate's decision to the embrace the dated accessory is single-handedly inspiring major designers like Gucci and Alexander McQueen to incorporate brooches as well.
      • Regardless of her reasons for embracing the brooch, Kate looks amazing in the timeless accessory.

        You know the saying about dressing for the job you want and not the job you have? Well, Kate Middleton is taking that to heart and dressing more and more like a queen all the time.

        Kate was recently spotted taking style cues from none other than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and helping the brooch make a comeback.

        Speaking to Express, diamond expert and gemologist Grant Mobley explained Kate's impact on the trend—and why he thinks she might be embracing it herself:

        “Kate Middleton also champions this classic jewelry genre and she is single-handedly bringing diamond brooches back into fashion with labels like Gucci and Alexander McQueen embracing the brooch trend.”


        "There’s no doubt about it, Kate Middleton has become a style icon since joining the Royal Family and her wardrobe is always in high demand.
        It seems that Kate’s style is somewhat inspired by Her Majesty, particularly when it comes to her love for natural diamond breastpins.
        On behalf of the younger generation, Kate has been advocating this classic jewelry genre, something the Queen is especially fond of."

        Here she is at the Household Division Beating Retreat at Horse Guards Parade earlier this month in London, rocking a brooch:

        Hair, Hairstyle, Fashion, Beauty, Lip, Blond, Premiere, Long hair, Outerwear, Suit,
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        Kate has also taken to wearing flashier diamond brooches, which Grant says is very traditionally royal of her.

        “The royals have always known the true value of natural diamond jewelry and know that thanks to their rarity, timelessness and enduring emotional value, they will always be passed down to future generations," he said.

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