Meghan Markle Just Made a Surprise Appearance at Wimbledon

And she's rocking her old courtside look.

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As in previous years, she took a seat in Court One to cheer on close friend Serena Williams, as she competed against Slovenia’s Kaja Juvan in the prestigious tennis tournament.

Meghan’s courtside look was a total throwback to her pre-royal style days, as she dressed down in a chic pair of classic blue skinny jeans, paired with a simple black vest top and an effortlessly stylish black and white pinstripe blazer by L’Agence.

Squint extra close and you might just notice the sweet detail in her outfit—a delicate cold ‘A’ necklace by Jennifer Meyer in tribute to her two-month-old son.

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If you have a particularly great memory, you might even notice that the Madewell hat is a very similar choice (if not the exact same one) that the Duchess opted for at previous Wimbledon appearances.

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In terms of the royal family, it was a solo appearance for the Duchess of Sussex, with husband Prince Harry presumably at home with Archie or out on royal duty. It's interesting to note that, although the sisters-in-law attended the tournament together back in 2018, Kate Middleton opted to attend Wimbledon earlier this week instead, arriving on day two of play with her own companions on Tuesday.

Day Twelve: The Championships - Wimbledon 2018

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Instead, Meghan was this time accompanied by her friends from Northwestern University, Genevieve Hills and Lindsay Roth, a rumored godparent to Archie. The trio seemed to be having the perfect girls reunion to celebrate Independence Day in style ahead of Archie's christening this coming weekend.

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Don't worry everyone, Meghan Markle just saved summer 2019.

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