Katie Holmes Shares Two Very Sexy Instagram Posts

Katie Holmes posted two sexy pictures on Instagram Sunday, including a selfie in a crop top.

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  • In a departure from her usual Instagram #content, Katie Holmes shared a couple of sexy pictures on social media this weekend.
  • The first is a selfie of the actress wearing a crop top and a floral bottoms.
  • In the second, Katie is laying in bed and taking a picture of her bare legs in a mirror.

When it comes to social media output, Katie Holmes is more "look at this cool arts and crafts project I did" than "look at this perfectly sexy selfie."

Until now, that is.

Okay, so Katie isn't going full Kardashian or anything, but the actress did post a couple of uncharacteristically sexy Instagrams this weekend that turn up the heat at least a notch or two.

First, on Saturday, Katie shared a crop top selfie that shows off both her gorgeous abs and her amazing fashion sense, killing two metaphorical birds with one selfie stone. In the photo, Katie wears a white crop top with looped detailing and a floral bottom that could be a skirt or a pair of shorts, but is definitely cute AF, either way. Missing from the pic is Katie's face, which is cropped out in a very artistically-framed kind of way.

She captioned the picture with a sun emoji because, well, summer vibes, ya'll.

The second of Katie's sexy 'grams, posted Sunday, is a mirror selfie that features the actress laying in bed in a green and white polka dot dress, exposing her mostly-bare legs. Once again there's no Katie Face in the photo, which is framed so that only her lower body is visible in the mirror.

This picture was captioned with a sunflower emoji because Katie Holmes is in bloom, ya'll.

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