Jenna Dewan Steps Out for a Good Cause in Head-to-Toe Polka Dots

Jenna Dewan, who's one of our style inspirations, absolutely nailed the perfect workwear outfit in a glam and professional polka dot outfit.

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(Image credit: Stefanie Keenan)

Considering how much working from home I currently do, it's hilarious how much time I spend thinking about ideal office-wear. But Jenna Dewan, who's one of my style inspirations, absolutely nailed the perfect workwear outfit in a glam and professional polka dot outfit. It's going on the Pinterest dream board of my mind immediately.

Jenna Dewan was out in L.A. to support Baby2Baby, providing kids with supplies for back to school. If that charity sounds familiar to you, it's one that's been profiled and supported by none other than the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle. Per the Daily Mail, "According to Baby2Baby's website, Dewan is listed under the 'our angels' section which is their extension of the board of emeritus." She posed happily with kids as they picked up backpacks and other goodies.

Per Jenna's Instagram, "Such a special day at the @Baby2Baby and @Shutterfly Back to School Celebration getting these amazing kids ready for the new school year with backpacks, school supplies and everything they need to start the year off right! 🎒 📒🖍."

The miniskirt (which hit Jenna's fingertips—generally my rule for whether a skirt is long enough for work) has a pretty petal overlay, and the top has a smaller, more interspersed dot pattern. It's just e

nough of a contrast to give visual interest, but still feels like one, cohesive look. So far, no ID on the outfit just yet, but considering that I would like this entire look for myself entirely as-is (coral orange shoes included, thankyouverymuch) I will keep looking.

Here's the full look:

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(Image credit: Stefanie Keenan)

So, so cute.

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