Jenna Dewan Shares Some of Her Hottest Dance Videos in Honor of National Dance Day

National Dance Day was yesterday, and Jenna Dewan absolutely did not disappoint. She shared her latest, greatest hits of her dance videos.

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National Dance Day was yesterday, and dance maven, turned actress and author, turned dance maven again Jenna Dewan absolutely did not disappoint. In addition to a bunch of dance-related Instagram Stories, she shared her latest, greatest hits of her dance videos that are so energizing that they almost made me get off my couch. (Instead, I stayed on the couch and watched Step Up, which is basically the same thing?)

Included in her selection is THAT "Taki Taki" video that Jenna did with Step Up: High Water star Jade Chynoweth to promote the second season of the series. That video went viral in the best way both for its intensely challenging choreography and its scorching hot sexiness. She also included her reunion dancing for Janet Jackson (complete with daughter Everly running over to hug her during rehearsal, a.k.a. the cutest thing ever), and the Tremaine dancing competition she visited while she was shooting her new Netflix show in Chicago.

Jenna captioned the video series, "Happy #NationalDanceDay and here’s to more dancing coming on my Youtube!!" I'm not sure if this has anything to do with her Netflix show but I. Am. IN.

Also intriguing: No original videos from the Step Up movie that was her big break, although the full playlist does have Jenna channeling her old-school dance roots with a few of those moves, as well as a behind-the-scenes oral history of the extremely steamy Lip Sync Battle episode she did with ex ChanningTatum. 

Here's the videos:

And it really is worth clicking through every video, then going to watch the full playlist. It totally counts as exercise, I promise.

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