Kim Kardashian's Futuristic $35,000 Dior Bag Is So Ultra Exclusive, Only 10 Exist

She snapped it up from the 2018 Dior Men runway.

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I typically assume that 99.9999% of Kim Kardashian's wardrobe is not accessible to the likes of me, whose idea of a splurge is to make a massive ASOS order using every discount code available on the internet and then studiously refuse to check my bank account for the next four weeks. But one of her latest looks is so staggeringly exclusive, even her fellow Kardashian-Jenners are probably envious: as Vogue reports, she accessorized a T-shirt dress and sneakers with a $35,000 metal Dior saddlebag, one of only 10 in the entire world.

The silver metal bag debuted in Dior's pre-fall 2019 menswear runway show, in November 2018. (Kim wasn't the only celebrity paying attention to the show: Major names in the front row included David Beckham "in a posh suit, Ezra Miller in a pink cherry blossom top, Kate Moss in a loose blazer, A$AP Rocky in a sheer shirt and metallic trousers, and Bella Hadid in the show’s opening turtleneck with high-top monogram sneakers," according to Vogue.)

The saddlebag was part of a collaboration with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, of sexy robot fame, and features a range of futuristic design elements, including headphone jack tassels. And yes, only 10 were ever produced, meaning it's extremely unlikely Kim will ever run into a double in the line at Whole Foods.

Dior Pre-Fall 2019 Men's Collection - Runway

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The fashion rarity probably won't be shoved under Kim's bed or in the back of a drawer: She's shared numerous pictures of her accessory closet, as Cosmopolitan reports, which features an entire wall of shelves dedicated to her Birkins, all perfectly arranged by size and color. Can you even imagine just how wealthy that room smells? I bet she hasn't accidentally spilled a handful of McDonalds fries in the bottom of even one of those bags. Can't relate! 

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