Princess Beatrice's Family Wish Her a Happy Birthday With Never-Before-Seen Photos

It's Princess Beatrice's birthday (she's 31), and to celebrate, her family sent her sweet public well wishes this morning. It means some new, never-before-seen pics and a fabulous new nickname.

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It's Princess Beatrice's birthday (she's 31), and to celebrate, her family sent her sweet public well wishes this morning. I love them all, because it means some new, never-before-seen pics as well as little peeks into their royal lives. Spoiler alert: There's a fabulous new (to us) nickname involved.

Princess Eugenie's tribute might have been the very cutest. She captioned the photos, "You have been bossing it since before I was born and continue to be the most wonderful person, friend and big sister. Happy Birthday to you Beabea!!" Um, Beabea?? Did we know that was her nickname?? I knew her mom calls her Trixie, but this definitely feels new to me. I loooove this so much. Beatrice calls her sister Euge, so Beabea is utterly perfect.

You have to swipe through, but it turns out the two royals are very into selfies: 

And then of course, Beatrice's mom Sarah Ferguson came in with the obligatory adorable-yet-also-embarrassing baby shots, plus that cute photo of her with a whole bunch of dogs (she's just like me!):

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Her dad, the Duke of York, had some sweet photos of the pair of them together:

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The Royal Family officially wished Beatrice a happy birthday too, using a photos from Eugenie's wedding and complete with emojis:

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(Wait, the Queen uses emojis?? Probably not, no.)

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