Kacey Musgraves Said Karma Is Coming for the "Sketchy B*tches" Out There

Who hurt Kacey?!

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One of the many, many, many reasons to love and cherish Ms. Kacey Musgraves is her absolute refusal to sit down and shut up. (She told you herself in "Pageant Material": "I wish I could, but I just can't wear a smile when a smile ain't what I'm feeling.") See her latest Instagram post, a sparkled-up photo of Kacey on stage, middle fingers up, captioned, "newsflash: karma’s an even bigger bitch than me."

And just to make it completely clear that those middle fingers are directed at someone in particular, Kacey added in the comments, "So much tea. piping hot. There are some sketttttchy bitches out there lurkin'. That's all I can say." The defensive stan in me is stirring. Which one of you hurt Kacey Musgraves?! You better report to me this instant.

In happier Kacey news, prepare yourself for some impossibly excellent collaborations in the future. Speaking to Paper, Kacey listed the artists she'd love to record with, and in response I would like to pre-order a series of songs that do not yet exist.

"I'm down for so many collabs," she said. "Post Malone's from Texas and I think we would probably create something dope. I love what Billie Eilish is doing and what Lil Nas X is doing. I love Lana Del Rey. I would love to write with her. And I love Sufjan Stevens. I would love to create something with him." Can you imagine a Lil Nas/Kacey combination? I'm finding it hard to breathe already.

By the way, it's little wonder her social media is so damn good: She's on there all the time. "The Internet is a lawless but hilarious place," she said. "Dude, that Area 51 shit is making me laugh." Honestly, I am so, so mad I'm not friends with Kacey Musgraves.

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Kacey Musgraves Performs In Berlin

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