Jennifer Lopez Revealed Her Intense Preparations Before Closing the Versace Show in That Dress

J.Lo made the internet, and then she broke it.

Versace - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020
(Image credit: Jacopo Raule)

Firstly, I'd like to formally extend my gratitude to Jennifer Lopez for her YouTube channel, because I have watched every single one of her vlogs and very much intend to continue doing so. And secondly, I'd like to direct your attention to her latest vlog, in which she reveals the intense preparations for her show-stealing appearance on the Versace runway in a dress you just might recognize—as well as the extremely glamorous party afterwards. J. Lo, I don't know what we did to deserve literally everything you're doing at the minute, but I am very thankful.

In case you were on some kind of internet sabbatical last week, here's a quick recap. Near the end of Versace spring 2020 show at Milan Fashion Week, screens began to display photos of Jennifer Lopez in the green Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammys, with the words, "Show me images of the jungle dress" (because, as you're no doubt aware, J. Lo in that dress is literally responsible for the existence of Google Images.)

Next, a voice saying, "OK Google, now show me the real jungle dress." After that? The appearance of J. Lo herself, in a reworked version of the original design. Flawless!

There's a series of excellent moments in the behind-the-scenes video, from J. Lo dancing down the runway in rehearsals to actual Anna Wintour congratulating her on the phenomenal success of Hustlers ("I can’t wait to see the movie!" Wintour said.)

It's worth sticking around for the after party too, both for Lopez's stunning (and very on-theme) outfit and for a glimpse of her dancing with Gigi Hadid. J. Lo, I ask you again: What did we do to deserve you?

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