Selma Blair Did a Shoot With a Friend Who Photographed Her 20 Years Ago

Actress Selma Blair did a striking photoshoot with an old photographer friend, Brian Bowen Smith, who first shot her 20 years ago.

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Selma Blair is embracing her bald head post-treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS), and just did a photoshoot with old friend Brian Bowen Smith. The shots are gorgeous, and clearly meant a lot to both Blair and Smith, who have known each other for decades by this point.

Blair gave a little context on what the shoot meant to her. "I was the first celebrity he shot. I love his work. I love that I can stand bald and 30 pounds heavier today than that first shoot almost 20 years ago. I love that he can still see the intensity in my eyes with the first click. He makes me feel like I can be. And he makes it look so damn strong."

Unfortunately, one troll decided to weigh in, saying she had "the most bizarre hairline I’ve ever seen." Blair kept it classy: "That is true." (Lots of people came to her defense, thankfully.)

In one shot she holds her head. "This shot sings to me. Holding it in. Together. While still telling you I am here. We are here. Thank you all for the love. I could not be where I am without you. I am trying. I am doing. Slowly," she said.

Smith added, "Straight of[f] a plane to your house. 30 seconds of good living. You can look at me like that for the rest of my life. Your magic. Your power. Your pure love. You forever inspire me."

"It makes me feel so good knowing there is so much love out there."

Here are the striking, stunning images:

You have to swipe through, but I think that second image might be my favorite? She looks so charismatic!

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