Chrissy Teigen Shared the Sweetest Video of John Legend, Luna, and Miles Making Music Together

"the greatest video ever taken," Teigen captioned the clip.

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Listen, I know I've said this approximately 800 times on this very website, but my deeply benevolent desire to spread cuteness when I see it compels me to say it again: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's family is unspeakably cute, and Teigen's latest Instagram video only confirms that fact. In the video, Luna, Miles and Legend all play instruments (I'm calling it now: The kids will keep the Legend EGOT in the family), while Teigen dances along.

Miles is so deeply invested in his instrument, in fact, that he takes a tumble off his chair, though Teigen clarified in the comments that the fall sounded infinitely more dramatic than it was. "He is fine!! Didn’t even flinch - the shattering glass sound is just a pile of chimes haha," she wrote, adding, "He said you can laugh." A musical prodigy and an excellent sport!

In a subsequent post, Teigen continued another great family tradition: Putting babies in hilariously cute Halloween costumes that they're not exactly delighted about. (You saw Luna's hot dog costume. You loved Luna's hot dog costume.) Miles might have been perfectly happy in Luna's discarded hot dog, as evidenced by a video Teigen posted on Twitter earlier this month, but please do not consider that his universal approval of all costumes.

I refer you to the above photo: Miles in what is either a dog or bunny costume, looking resolutely over it. Teigen captioned the snap, "miles is having...a day," while Gabrielle Union commented, "I feel you Miles." I, too, am this adorable baby, resigned to his life in either a dog or bunny costume. We are all this adorable baby, resigned to our lives in either a dog or bunny costume.

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