Kate Beckinsale Shared a Video of Herself Dusting Her Floor With Her Cat and It's Bizarrely Calming

On Saturday, Kate Beckinsale shared a strange video of herself dusting her floor with her cat and it's oddly soothing to watch.

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This is a sentence I truly never thought I'd be writing, but I guess this is just where we are: This video of Kate Beckinsale dusting her floor with her cat is bizarrely calming.

And, just to be clear, when I say "this video of Kate Beckinsale dusting her floor with her cat," you might (rationally) imagine actress Kate Beckinsale dusting her floor while accompanied by her cat—as in her, cat is following her around or even just watching her as she dusts.

But that is not what I mean when I say "this video of Kate Beckinsale dusting her floor with her cat."

You might also have read that sentence and imagined Kate Beckinsale dusting her floor with the aid of her cat—like she's a Disney princess and her cat is helping in a vaguely anthropomorphic kind of way. Maybe, for instance, you imagined Kate Beckinsale's cat carrying an old-fashioned feather duster around in its mouth or skating across the floor while wear microfiber booties.

But that is not what I mean when I say "this video of Kate Beckinsale dusting her floor with her cat," either.

No, what I mean when I say "this video of Kate Beckinsale dusting her floor with her cat," is that there is a set of moving images depicting Kate Beckinsale, on her hands and knees (in a sports bra, star-printed leggings, and heels), gracefully sweeping one of the fluffiest and most apathetic creatures I've ever seen in my life across the floor like a living dust rag.

I know—I know—it sounds bizarre. And, honestly, it is. But it's also one of the most strangely soothing bits of footage on the internet. Don't take my word for it. Watch it yourself: 

Now, it's important to note before we go any further that Beckinsale is extremely gentle with the cat, who glides easily and by all appearances quite comfortably over her hardwood floors. I could not be calm if I thought for a second that the cat was not, but honestly, the cat seems chill with it.

In fact, the cat appears to be as zen during the dusting as I feel after watching the clip:

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Like, this cat is in a deep meditative state:

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This cat's spirit exists on a different plane of being than its physical form:

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This cat has transcended our petty reality and he knows it:

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Here's a GIF of the video, so you can start texting it to everyone you know when they're stressed out and need a dose of zen (and so I can personally keep it with me always):

Now, if you'll excuse me, I plan on watching this on repeat until my body is completely out of cortisol (jk...kind of).

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