Chrissy Teigen's "Ultimate Thanksgiving Table" Is a Literal Feast

In the latest addition to her mega-popular Cravings website, Chrissy Teigen is giving us an "ultimate Thanksgiving table."

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Chrissy Teigen just launched her Cravings website, which contains exclusive recipes and videos of the model and her mom making dishes (oh and which crashed moments after launching because it was so popular). Last night, Teigen dropped the tease of all teases: She's giving us a full Thanksgiving meal's worth of recipes today on her website, and it looks unbelievable.

Teigen captioned the photo, "because I must: a sneak peak at the recipes for my ultimate Thanksgiving table, going up tomorrow!!!" She added in another tweet, "this shoot was a dream of mine. I've seen it done before but with old recipes just photoshopped in. It was insane to shoot everything together but it will work for so many holidays, for so many years!"

Teigen loves to be honest about her cooking, including last year's badly burned pie fiasco (never forget). She's so obviously relatable as a cook and yet somehow comes up with the most mouthwatering stuff with her mom Pepper that everything she makes is basically guaranteed to be awesome. (Plus, if you burn it, you're just like Chrissy!) So this latest endeavor is guaranteed to wow all your guests this holiday. Also, if I know Teigen, some of those dishes might show up on her Instagram this holiday so we can see what they look like IRL.

Here is the magnificence in all its glory, and you should definitely click to enlarge. It's even better close up:

Everyone can go home now, because Teigen has won Thanksgiving.

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