Is Hannah Brown Dating Her 'DWTS' Partner Alan Berstern?

'Dancing With The Stars' pair Hannah Brown and Alan Berstern might be more than dance partners.

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Okay, but seriously, what?? Hannah Brown showed up with Alan Bersten last night at the Country Music Awards, and got fans talking about how the pair might be dating. The rumor's not new—Brown and Bersten have had to fend off the question for weeks now—but walking the red carpet seems like a thing to me. Of course, this could simply be to drum up publicity for the show they're currently on together, Dancing With the Stars, but I love their sweet chemistry. I am now unbelievably torn: I love Brown-Bersten (Halan? Brownsten? I'll workshop it) but I will still, forever, hold a candle for Brown's chemistry with Tyler Cameron.

Brown has addressed her status and her on-fire chemistry with Bersten, saying, "We are dance partners, and we have the best time together, and we have a friendship that is great...I think I’m done with roses, so mirrorball [trophy] is what we have our eye on."

She also (lol) 100 percent shaded ex Jed Wyatt in an ET interview when asked about whom she might be interested in dating. She said, "I mean, that's not, like, my first priority right now. I am definitely focused on being in the semifinals of Dancing With the Stars. But I am a single lady. I like country music. They could serenade me...well." Ouch.

But apparently she hasn't sworn off musicians altogether. "I mean...I can't be turned off by all musicians," she said, and Bersten added, "Why not [date a musician]? She loves country music!" Supportive friend? Or totally designed to fake us out while they date in secret??

Here's her full-length, princessy look, because as if I wasn't gonna show you her pretty pretty gown in addition to the male eye candy on her arm:

The 53rd Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

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Ugh, Hannah! I need to know!

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