Will 'Bachelorette' Star Hannah Brown Win 'Dancing With the Stars,' Too?

Go Hannah go!

Celebrities Visit Build - July 31, 2019
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Hannah Brown, of Bachelorette fame, has been heating up the dancing floor (and generating rumors of romance with her dance partner Alan Bersten, which they've denied) on this season of Dancing With the Stars. She's already proven herself to be a fan favorite for viewers, and, judging by past seasons, she's a strong contender to win that Mirror Ball trophy for herself. So how strong are her chances, based on what we know so far? 

She's really talented.

Brown spoke about her athleticism during her time on The Bachelorette and that has very clearly come in handy on the show. Unlike other contestants (Spicer, lookin' at you) she came out strong right away and has only continued to excel.

She's scored consistently high on her dances (of which there have been three so far) and even at one point got the highest score of the night. It's also worth noting that her smile is always so wide while she's dancing, and she's always so cute with just a touch of awkward adorability, that new fans are seeing exactly why everyone loves her. 

She's playing up her Bachelorette season.

In her latest dance, Brown, dressed as a bridesmaid, dodged a bouquet thrown by a bride before launching into a rumba:

In case you missed the very obvious reference, she's said being Bachelorette exhausted her and she's not looking to get into a relationship right now. Too busy being an awesome dancer, I guess! 

And for her second dance, Chris Harrison, her ex Colton Underwood, his current girlfriend Cassie Randolph, and a bunch of Brown's friends including Demi Burnett and Katie Morton all showed up to support her/remind everybody of her show history/gather together in what might have been the most awkward reunion of all time:

So, in other words, Brown is parlaying her success at Bachelorette—in terms of popularity, if not in terms of finding "the one"—to her success on DWTS, too. 

She stands a good chance.

It's still a little early to tell, and apparently Brown's got to work on her "hips" (I don't know dancing, okay, so I have no idea what that means), but considering she's talented and popular and continuing to improve, she may have the chance to win it all.

It may already be obvious how much I love her, but GO HANNAH.

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