Are Hannah and Tyler Dating After 'The Bachelorette'?

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The ongoing saga of Tyler Cameron-Hannah Brown continues—will they? won't they? Can a girl (me) get some closure please? A source talking to Us Weekly explains that "Tyler had strong feelings for Hannah...and wants to make it work." We have no particular evidence that either has reached out to the other—in recent Instagram Stories and posts, Hannah has been chilling at home in between doing public events. Tyler has been out and about doing work with ABC Food Tours (and exercising, and eating, and considering running marathons, so, same as usual). But I guess the door hasn't fully closed, is my best guess. At least on Tyler's side.

Considering Hannah sounded like she was embarrassed about the whole Tyler situation (see below), it might be a rough road ahead for the model-former footballer. I keep reminding myself that both of them are in their 20s, so the decisions they make are going to match their age. As in, Tyler is a young single guy, so I guess no one including Hannah should be surprised, but if he really feels this way, he might not want to wait too long. Us asked Hannah about the Gigi-Tyler sitch and she said, "Thank you, next." As in, thank you next topic? Or thank you next guy? BOTH? Maybe both.

In the meantime, Hannah's also asked fans “that we are all remembering to uplift other women and not tear them down," likely in reference to Gigi—so no bad blood there, luckily.

Update, 10/19/19: Tyler confirmed, yet again, that he and Hannah are not together, but did tease a possible future something with the Dancing With the Stars contestant during a new interview with Us Weekly, giving hopes to people who ship their post-Bachelorette love story.

"We’re friends and I think she’s an incredible girl and I have so much love for her and I want her to be successful and have the best," he said. "I don’t know about the future. I’m just trying to worry about today and tomorrow, you know?"

Even though Tyler left the door vaguely open for reuniting with Hannah in the undetermined "future," he made it clear that he hasn't considered dating anyone else from Bachelor Nation—at least not at the moment.

"I don’t mean no in a negative way, I’ve just never thought of it," he said. "Like, here’s beautiful girls and great girls I’ve met, but I haven’t even thought about dating in that sense. I only know a few of them and they’re all great...But like I said, dating girls is, like, the least of my worries right now."

Update, 10/4/19: Welp, here's an interesting development: According to Us Weekly, Hadid and Cameron are officially donezo. "Tyler is single," a source explained. "He and Gigi Hadid are no longer together." This came after Cameron gave some pretty heavy hints that he might be single: "We’re just friends, we’re just friends, yeah, that’s just where we’re at." He added, "Our relationship doesn’t need to be public. She’s good people. She’s an amazing person, and we’re just keeping it friendly."

In other news, Cameron (who lived in New York before the show) now has an apartment there, so he's definitely interested in staying there long-term. Fun fact: Dancing With the Stars, which is where Brown is filming various episodes, is in Hollywood, California. So the former lovebirds are on opposite ends of the country, and thus far no word that either will be rekindling their connection.

Brown's also said people are interested in her post-show (which is not surprising, she's amazing) and has had to refute claims she's dating her dance partner Alan Bersten. of course neither have commented upon this new information. But, if we want to get technical, they're both single. And we know they had a connection. But Cameron definitely ditched her for Hadid, and Brown's pretty much doing her own badass thing now.

Update, 9/13/19: I'm pretty sure our changes of seeing a Hannah-Tyler relationship are basically zero, friends. Very sad to report. But the evidence is all there. Tyler and Gigi went to NYFW—no photographs, sigh, so no public debut—but that's kind of a big deal. They've been spotted multiple times stepping out where they both live in Manhattan. They went on a trip to upstate New York. He even—and this is the kicker, for me—attended Gigi's grandmother's funeral in the Netherlands and comforted her (so, if he hadn't met the family before, he definitely did on this trip). The two are going strong, and that's about all there is to it.

But, lest we feel worried or devastated for Hannah, she's doing just fine. It was just announced that she's headed to this season of Dancing with the Stars, where no doubt she'll win a ton of fans because of her sweet and bubbly nature. She's also very athletic, which tends to bode well for programs like this. Hannah's Instagram is mostly focused on that right now.

Although she did grab drinks with Cosmo and talked in depth about her season's various embarrassments (so, a lot of drinking was involved):

At least we'll always have "After the Final Rose"?

Update, 8/15/19: Sigh. Tyler and Gigi have been sighted several more times over the past few days, and Tyler said he's apartment hunting for a new place in New York—soooo his thoughts aren't in Alabama with Hannah, I think it's fair to say.

Hannah has been posting some depressing captions on her Instagram, most recently: "Honest policy: I’m struggling. Life is so different. Since last August, I’ve been a pageant queen, a bachelor contestant, and the Bachelorette. I’ve been in love with multiple people, I got engaged, I broke off an engagement, and I shared it all with millions of people."

But, for all of us holding out on that tiny, tiny glimmer of hope that Hannah-Tyler isn't extinguished forever, a source told ET, "Gigi went through a breakup from a serious relationship and Tyler just got off a dating show...The two are enjoying building a friendship first, going on dates and having fun. Nothing more than that right now." In a previous interview, Tyler said he had "strong feelings" for Hannah, but his actions aren't really matching. I mean, I'm not pleased about the situation, per se, and I don't see a ton of hope here. Sorry guys.

Update, 8/8/19: In an episode of "Bachelor Happy Hour," Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowski sat with Hannah Brown after the conclusion of her season and post-show nuttiness with one of her bachelors, Tyler Cameron. The fellow former Bachelorettes chatted together, trying to ascertain Hannah's feelings about Tyler hooking up with her and Gigi Hadid in rather quick succession (like, literally, right next to each other).

Rachel explained that she wasn't in love with Tyler's behavior, saying, "You're on Twitter talking about 'Hannah's the queen' and preaching about respect, but then you're being a little disrespectful by dating her in such a public way where you know it's going to get so much attention. I think that's my beef with it."

Hannah replied, "I think that's my beef with it, too...We are not dating-dating, at all, we hung out, but we also had conversations of both, like, knowing that there's still something there."

"When you are in the public eye, you do have to just be respectful of each other. And yeah, I wish I would've got a little bit more than two days. But, you know, it is okay."

At one point in the interview, though, Hannah threw a bit of shade. "I mean, I think he likes to date around, so maybe he would be a good Bachelor," Hannah told Rachel and Ali. Not subtle. Kind of hilarious.

And just like that, I'm pretty sure things are either majorly rocky for the "couple" (if we can even call them that), or they might be quits, for good. Long, anguished sigh. BRB, thinking about what could have been if Hannah had picked Tyler and gotten engaged at the end of her season.

Update, 8/6/19: Ugh. Well, this is not what I was hoping to happen. According to Us Weekly, Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron went on a date in Brooklyn, literal days after he and Hannah spent the night. How is this happening?? After the two followed each other on Instagram, most people just assumed it was just Tyler becoming more famous. But...nope. This is a real thing, and fans got pictures.

And, we just got a report from E! News that they went back to her apartment afterwards. "The duo, who first connected over Instagram, spent time together at Brooklyn's Dumbo House on Sunday evening before ending the night back at the model's apartment." Wow.

Here's the evidence:

As some fans correctly pointed out, Hannah and Tyler may have discussed not being exclusive. As in—they're in their mid-20s, so, like, live a little before you settle down? Hannah had a quiet weekend at home, so hopefully this news didn't come as a surprise to her.

BUT, with all that said, I still don't love the news. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, but I loved the pair together. I need closure after this crazy season, dammit.

Update, 8/3/19: Sit down for this one, Tyler/Hannah shippers. A source close to the drama told Life & Style that rekindling their romance would "too complicated" for the Bachelorette alums.

“Tyler did genuinely fall for her and loved her, but, at this point, I don’t think he would rekindle things. It would be too complicated now," the source said. "Tyler would definitely be open to hearing her out. That’s just the kind of guy he is — understanding and welcoming and wouldn’t ever hold any hard feelings towards her. But ultimately, it would be too hard for him to take her back."

Original post, 8/1: GREAT news for Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron shippers: It appears the pair are hanging out. According to E!, the former Bachelorette couple got drinks on Thursday night and then spent the night together. Yes. YES!

If you recall, after the emotional finale on Tuesday night, Hannah—who split with the "winner" Jed after discovering he may have been dating someone else right before, and possibly during, the show—asked runner-up and incredibly attractive (remember that whole lovely conversation they had about the Fantasy Suite?) Tyler if he'd be game to grab drinks some time. Tyler said yes, the audience went crazy, Chris Harrison started sweating, and we all were left wondering WHEN and WHAT would happen.

Hannah and Tyler both posted to Instagram in the following days and referenced the drink ("And to your burning questions: Yes, the drink is happening. No, you’re not invited," Hannah wrote. "Looking forward to that drink," Tyler said in his caption.), and now, a source tells E! it's happened.

E! reports that Hannah invited Tyler over for a drink and he spent the night. Last night! "Tyler got to Hannah's place around 9 p.m. and they stayed in," a source tells E!. "He spent the night with her and left this morning after 10 a.m. She walked him out to his car and they hugged and kissed. He had an overnight bag and they looked very happy together." Wheee! The fact that Tyler had an overnight bag with him is somehow incredibly sweet to me.

I hope this means there's more Hannah and Tyler (Tynnah? Hanner?) in our future because I am very here for it!

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