Did Jamie Lynn Spears Just Hint at a 'Zoey 101' Reboot?

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    • The picture she shared on her Instagram of a script doesn't reveal much, but her former costar Paul Butcher gave a hint in the comments.

        Jamie Lynn Spears just shared a picture of a script on her Instagram, and the Internet has gone nuts thinking that it might have something to do with the beloved Nickelodeon show she was a part of. The script is almost totally blacked out, probably because the content hasn't aired yet, and the only lines visible are "Gimme that bacon!" and a character Sean with the line "So..." Spears didn't caption the photo with anything other than the bacon and typing emojis, but get this: In the comments, Paul Butcher (who played Dustin) wrote, "Somethings coming 👀 🔥." Oh my God. Could it be?? Are we looking at a Zoey 101 reboot?

        In July of this year, TMZ released speculation that there was going to be a Zoey 101 reboot (not verified by an official source confirming) and Spears replied, "Yo, Nickelodeon have your people call my people" on Instagram, so you know she's fully on board.

        Fans immeeediately took to the comments. Some speculate that Sean could be Sean Flynn, who played Chase Matthews. But if it's the actor, not the character talking, wouldn't that be more of a reunion than a reboot? But then why is there a script if it's just a reunion? Others thought it might be something to do with All That, but Paul Butcher wasn't a part of that. Was bacon involved in the original Zoey 101? I have questions, and no one has any answers.

        Here's the original post, so you can fully speculate for yourself:

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        It's totally Zoey 101, right??

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