Kate Middleton Completed Top Secret Work Experience at a London Hospital

007 could never.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend The Royal Variety Performance
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  • The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has reportedly completed two days of work on a maternity ward in a busy South West London hospital.
  • The top secret, private work stint was part of Kate's ongoing Early Years project, which supports young children with the aim to prevent future social and health challenges.
  • Her time working at the hospital was not promoted by the palace, but was revealed in an official record of royal engagements.

    Despite being arguably the single most famous and instantly recognizable family in the world, the Royal Family are seriously skilled in the art of going undercover. Every so often, the royals manage to go about their business completely unnoticed, with levels of secrecy that would make even James Bond himself proud.

    Whether it’s private and personal date nights, traveling across the world to see loved ones, or showing up to support of their favorite causes in a quiet way, the royals are great at being on the DL. The latest impressive undercover operation was courtesy of Kate Middleton, who has reportedly just completed two whole days of secret work experience at a packed London hospital. And there's not one single photo on Twitter…? How do they do it?

    It’s thought that the Duchess of Cambridge, who often makes appearances at children's schools and organizations, managed to remain off the radar for her entire two days at Kingston Hospital’s maternity unit. She undertook the work experience to coincide with her ongoing Early Years project.

    Finishing on Wednesday of this week, Kate is thought to have joined in with the department as part of her efforts to support children in their earliest years, with the aim to prevent future social and health challenges and disadvantages.

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    While no official details have been released by Kensington Palace, a source told HELLO! that Kate "divided her time on the unit, visiting the antenatal, postnatal and labour wards... [and] even went out on a community midwife visit."

    The Duchess’s appearance at the hospital was not promoted by the palace and almost went completely under the radar, but was later spotted on an official record of the Royal Family’s engagements.

    In a previous statement about the project, Kate said: “We all know how important childhood is; and how the early years shape us for life. We also know how negative the downstream impact can be, if problems emerging at the youngest age are overlooked, or ignored. It is therefore vital that we nurture children through this critical, early period,” the Duchess of Cambridge said in a statement.

    Imagine feeling your contractions, zooming across to the hospital to try this whole labour thing, and being greeted by Kate Middleton. Would you still be quizzing her about her blow out tips and tricks in between breathing exercises?

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