Chrissy Teigen Called Out John Legend on Twitter For His Poor 'The Voice' Party Planning

"I'm laughing but I'm f***ing pissed," she tweeted.

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Is there a better read to liven up a dull morning than Chrissy Teigen's Twitter? The answer is obviously no, and here's reason 435395 why: Last night, Teigen hilariously called out husband John Legend, after he failed to disclose the gravity of a dinner party they were hosting. Specifically, Legend invited fellow The Voice judges Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton around for dinner, but neglected to inform Teigen that they were actually celebrating the season finale (no spoilers, I promise). And Teigen, party advocate, was pretty ticked off that she didn't get to prepare a bigger celebration—in her words, "U don't win the voice then eat short ribs."

Teigen continued, "It sounds dumb yes but this is VERY john. I am always in charge of doing the fun, extra shit and he has no idea how much I plan normally and he’s like “no it’s fine they just wanna have dinner” but it’s literally the finale of their show??? And I have no ice cream truck." And she had no time for Twitter critics either, tweeting, "if u think this is stupid go ahead and tell me what you made when Blake Kelly and Gwen came over to your house." Excellent point, Chrissy!

Teigen, wearing a SKIMS Cozy Collection ensemble, was further freaked out by her guests' potential outfits ("if they show up in their show clothes I will absolutely die in my robe," she tweeted)—but things really came to a head when Legend attempted to salvage the situation by ordering a cake, which read, "John's 'Solution' Cake." Teigen had already beat him to it, and was less than impressed by her husband protesting, "Your cakes have no writing!" Please, enjoy the video below to observe just how Teigen responded.

It looks like calm was restored to the Teigen-Legend household, as both Chrissy and John posted a cute group photo from the evening. This might have been a learning experience for Legend—but honestly, for the sake of my future entertainment, I kind of hope it wasn't.

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