Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Share Another Bond — Their Stylists

Nina and Clare Hallworth style both of the A-listers.

Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt exploded all of our hearts when they reunited at the SAG Awards and had the exact same chemistry as when they were married lovebirds. Turns out they have something else in common—they've been recently styled by the same two people. (Yes, I know I'm being corny about all this. Yes, I love them so much. No, I won't apologize.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter,

"The duo [stylists Nina and Clare Hallworth] recently showed off their collaborations with Pitt on the just-released Brioni campaign as well as images of him wearing the Italian luxury menswear line at film festivals in Cannes and Venice, as styled by the pair, dating back to May 2019. The posts are peppered in between dozens of shots of Aniston, their longtime client and close friend."

The stylists, who go by Nina & Clare on Instagram, shared posts of Aniston and Pitt literally one after the other (see below). Of course, Pitt's look was for Cannes, and Aniston's from SAG—if they'd literally been styled by the same people on the same night, people would lose it. When reached out for comment, they only confirmed their work with Pitt on the Brioni campaign, but then again, they're not about to dish a bunch of details about two high-profile clients, are they? In my mind, it's one of the things that Aniston and Pitt text about. They totally text, right??

Another stylist explained that there would have to be a good relationship between Pitt and Aniston in order for Nina & Clare to work with them both (bear in mind, this person may not know the exact situation, but still). "It's not a cat fight. It's people who are not competing in any way, shape or form. Out of respect, I am sure they got approval. And out of respect for them, I am sure she gave it!"

Here are the stylist posts:

A post shared by @nina.clare

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A post shared by @nina.clare

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love this.

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