Katie Holmes Is Putting Out "Good Vibes" by Casually Doing Handstands in a Bathing Suit on the Beach

Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Sighting On South Beach
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  • In a new Instagram post this weekend, Katie Holmes shared a picture of herself doing a handstand on the beach clad in nothing but a bikini.
    • The actress captioned the picture, which showed off her impressive athletic ability (and body), "Good vibes ❤️."
      • Katie's athleticism is well-documented. She completed the New York City Marathon in 2007 and regularly does yoga, bikes, and boxes now.

        Katie Holmes is putting out good vibes.

        The key, it turns out, to putting out good vibes, is to do perfect handstands on the beach while wearing a bikini. At least, that's exactly what Katie shared a picture of herself doing (and wearing while do it) this weekend on Instagram.

        In the picture, which, as you've probably surmised by now was captioned, "Good vibes ❤️," Katie is wearing a blue bikini top and high-waisted, red bikini bottoms for her impressive feat of athleticism.

        Speaking of impressive feats of athleticism, Katie ran the New York City Marathon in 2007 and opened up about the experience—and her current fitness routine—in a November 2019 interview with Elle.

        "It was really, obviously, an intense training. It really taught me that I can achieve things that seem like there's no way," she said of her experience running the marathon. "When you're putting your body through something like that, you really learn to appreciate your body, and what it does. And great shoes help. Now I'll run. I'll box, bike, yoga."

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        So regular running, boxing, biking, and yoga and then we can all spread good vibes with sexy, ab-centric beach handstands. Easy, right?

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