Katie Holmes Shares Relatable Instagram Post About Struggling with Adulthood

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  • In a new Instagram post on Friday, Katie Holmes shared a very relatable meme about adult life.
    • The meme features three owls, two of which are effortlessly sitting on a tree branch (labeled "real adults") and a third who is hilariously struggling (labeled "me trying my best").
      • The post seems to prove that even Katie Holmes feels like she's struggling sometimes.

        Katie Holmes gets it. No, make that all caps GETS it.

        The actress proved that when she shared the most relatable meme on her Instagram account Friday.

        In the photo, a group of three adorable little owls are sitting together on the branch of a tree. The two owls on the right are perched successfully on the branch—you know, a thing that birds are typically able to do. The third little owl though? Not so much. Left Owl, much like another famous left-sided spaz (long live, Left Shark—you will never be forgotten), is riding the struggle bus. Left Owl is mid-fall, grasping the branch and trying to climb back up.

        The meme uses the owls as a metaphor for the difficulties of adult life, labeling the two competent owls "real adults" and the struggling Left Owl "me trying my best." If this resonates with you, then you and Katie Holmes have something in common, it would seem.

        And what did Katie caption this little slice of life truth? With an emoji-fied expression of her own reaction to its realness, that's how.

        "😂😂😂😂😂," she wrote in the post's caption.

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        Consider this proof that even seemingly-effortless humans like Katie Holmes sometimes feel like the Left Owl in life.

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