Irina Shayk Walked the Burberry Runway in the Vinyl Coat of Your Dreams

I'd take year-round rain if I owned this!

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Every fall, I start the hunt for a new winter coat, and also every fall, I waste at least 24 solid hours staring at my bank account and attempting to rearrange the numbers in a way that would justify the purchase of a Burberry number (and also every fall, I fail). And it looks like I'll be doing the exact same in 2020: Irina Shayk walked the Burberry runway in a black vinyl coat that has occupied every crevice of my brain since I laid eyes on it. I love this coat. I need this coat. I will surrender my firstborn child to Burberry if the end result is me possessing this coat.

The Burberry show at London Fashion Week provided an extremely high concentration of supermodels—alongside Shayk, Joan Smalls, the Hadids, and Kendall Jenner walked the runway. Smalls' three piece suit, blending classic Burberry tartan with Prince of Wales plaid, was an especially standout look, as was Jenner's structured tartan and white crepe skirt ensemble. But it's Shayk's coat that will haunt my dreams and consume my waking hours:

Earlier this month, Shayk spoke to British Vogue about her close friendship with Riccardo Tisci, chief creative officer of Burberry. "My first impression was how sweet and down-to-earth he was," she said. "He was one of those people who you see for the first time in your life, but feel like you have known him forever. I am so happy that this grew into a real friendship that I’m honored and proud of."

Shayk's a major admirer of Tisci's work, too. "He does not just design great clothes, he delivers a message out there," she said. "What I love about Burberry is that the show is always major, with incredible light and music, and I love how Riccardo brings diversity to the runway. It is very modern, chic, young, classy and cool at the same time. Every piece of the collection has a soul in it." I agree, Irina, and not to make this all about me, but how do I go about getting my soul, specifically, inside that coat?

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